Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mass Spec at home?

There is a reason why you can't have a mass spec at your house. It's not because it's so big, it's because they cost so much to fix. I had a service technician come out the other day and his visit to fix one part for one day was a cool $25,000. Ya, thats just to fix it. You could buy a pretty nice house for what they can cost new.

Parts break all the time, and you can't just keep running it like a car, a mass spec has to be fully optimized at all times to work properly. The technology is always pushed to the furthest point. If old designers of mass specs stuck with the original design and just improved on it, like a clothes washer, maybe they could last 30 years. But, then it would have run off of DOS.

The picture is not me or the mass spec I run, that thing is huge. And whats with all the multi-colored lights.

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