Tuesday, April 04, 2006


It is here. We are losing oppurtunities everyday. I'll make a future prediction: India and China will produce most of the new drugs simply because they have a lot more people actually doing research. They have four times as many people as we do, producing more scientist and engineers than we do. That's if their governments don't tear the country down.

It's fairly obvious to me why Americans don't want to go into science. It does not pay well. I read somewhere, adjusted for IQ, scientists are the lowest paid workers in the country. Especially for PhD's, they go to school for 4 to 6 years, then struggle to get a job. Even better of a question, why are we telling American college students to go into science when there are no jobs to get when you get out? Getting an academic research professor job for a chemist is like getting to the Major League in baseball. Only the elite can make it, it takes natural talent. So please, current professors out there, tell your students the truth: If they don't have a 4.0 and work for a "famous" scientist, they won't get their dream job doing whatever research interests them. If you're smart and you have the ability to go past a bachelors degree, the law or medical degree will earn you money after you have no problem finding a job. I wonder what the unemployment rate would look like between chemistry PhD's, lawyers, and doctors. I guess it would look better if you only looked at people working in the field of their degree.

By the way, I'm a happy scientist.

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