Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cones before and after

A sample cone looks like this after you clean it:
And a skimmer cone looks like this after some samples:
I think that is permanganate built up on there. Anybody else have an idea?


Jeremiah said...

I dig this blog, man. (I don't have an answer to your question, however)

M said...

You didn't digg it?

Lab Lemming said...

Permanganate should be broken down by the plasma, and cone residue should be buffered in fO2 at Ni/NiO.

What solution were you running? Also, if your sampler cone isn't screwed on tight enough, it will overheat and roast, sending copper everywhere (at least on an Agilent).

M said...

What is fO2 at Ni/NiO? Solutions are environmental water/sediment samples. Sampler cone is screwed on tight. It's a Thermo. The dirty one is the skimmer.

Anonymous said...