Thursday, June 08, 2006

On global warming from a sceptical chemist

I got into a very interesting and controversial conversation while on a trip to Chicago with a jaunt to Green Bay last week.

The topic of global warming came up from someone who believes it is happening and that something must be done about it. I made a little remark about how I was still somewhat sceptical of the whole global warming argument. And the reaction was surprisal, especially me being a scientist and everything. They went on to talk about how scientist views are being put down or hushed by Washington government. That in itself is very alarming and really requires its own post.

It gets real messy when politics get mixed in with science. You really don't know whose views are swayed by whatever. Really, what I think the problem is, I can't find information on the subject that I don't feel has been politically influenced. What I have read is mostly from science articles on the web that are conflicting. That is how it appears to me, is that scientist actually don't agree on global warming.

Instead of commenting about how I know nothing about global warming (I admit, I'm not an expert), please give me a link to some scientific literature about global warming that you believe to be the truth. I mean the facts, some evidence, you know, experimentation. I'll take a sceptical look at computer models.

By the way, I noticed I made an appearance on the Mass Spectrometry Blog.
An interesting blog by a fellow mass spectrometerist.

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Lab Lemming said...

Ask your geology department what textbook they use, and follow teh references.

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